Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Imaginary best friend

If I had an imaginary best friend, he would like football and be good at running so he can challenge me. He would play video games with me and skateboard. He would give me advice for stuff. He would buy me lots of stuff and take me in his ferrari. He would be good at any sports and puzzles. That would be the best imaginary best friend.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Recent Quake before halloween

The earthquake was a magnitude of 5.6. It happened at October 30,2007 at 8:04:54 PM. It did minimal damage. The epicenter was at Alum Rock in San Jose, California on the Calaveras. I was at my house on myspace when the earthquake struck. It was like a rumble like a thunderstorm then it started to get louder. I heard stuff fall and it was like madness. The ground felt like if I was really high up shaking back and forth. I saw the ground shake. I was thinking "Is it really the end. That's jacked dieing at 12. I had so much to look forward too." I started to think about my family. All of them. That was like horror shaking. I thought the house was gonna fall so I was like $%@#. In the end the small stuff fell but luckily not the house.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Field Trip

If I were to go to a field trip i would go to the superbowl to watch Colt and the Patriots. The Patriots would probably win because they are probably the best team in NFL history now. I would buy everybody the food they wanted. It would be a good game in my opinion

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The hardest thing about school is waking up because i get tired when i wake up so i wake up later and then i get yelled at because we're late for school. My favorite thing is getting parties in school and friends. Sometimes we play football and it's fun.

3 wishes

If i had three wishes i would wish for:
1. 100 billion dollars for games
2. Not to go to school because it's tiring.
3. a bigger house

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The game

At the game of Colts and Patriots in 2006 for the Super Bowl invite, the Patriots trailed by 21-3 going in the second half. Dungy gave the team quite a speech before going in to the half. In the second half the Colts were making scores of 24-21 in colts favor. The Patriots were also making scores too. In the 4th quarter the colts were down 34-28 in Patriots. Reggie caught a catch and almost fumbled it when the ball went flying up in the air. But he recovered and lead his team for the win. After the game they went out and celebrated for the winning team.


If invisible I would:
1. Steal food because I like to eat lots of food.
2. Steal clothes because I really need clothes.
3. Not go to school because I don 't like getting up in the morning.
4. Play games because It's fun
5. Sleep all day because i get tired easily.